Is Busquets a diver, or just smart?

Sergio Busquets, although an extremely talented football player and one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, seems to be marked as a diver due to several “dives” he performed in his career. His most “famous” one is the one when Barcelona played against Inter Milan and he acted as if Thiago Motta kicked him in the face, although slow motion videos showed that he didn’t. Ever since that moment Busquets is known as a diver.

He didn’t want to talk about in his previous interviews, stating that it is up to the referee to decide whether it is a dive or not. However, in a recent interview with Cadena COPE’s ‘El Partido de las 12’ he talked about it and gave his opinion on the whole situation. “Play-acting? It’s not play-acting, it’s being smart. It’s a debate we shouldn’t be having, because that’s not the real issue. It’s all too easy to label people.” It is also wise to go betting online at and win some money.

His colleague Neymar is also being accused of diving. However, Busquets holds him in high regard. “We’ve been surprised by how quickly he’s adapted, because it wasn’t easy, bearing in mind his age and it’s a new country and a different playing philosophy,” Busquets said. “He’s just a normal person; he’s very shy and quiet. But he’s a great guy. He mostly hangs out with the other Brazilians, but gets on really well with everyone.”

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