Is Busquets a diver, or just smart?

Sergio Busquets, although an extremely talented football player and one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, seems to be marked as a diver due to several “dives” he performed in his career. His most “famous” one is the one when Barcelona played against Inter Milan and he acted as if Thiago Motta kicked him in the face, although slow motion videos showed that he didn’t. Ever since that moment Busquets is known as a diver.

He didn’t want to talk about in his previous interviews, stating that it is up to the referee to decide whether it is a dive or not. However, in a recent interview with Cadena COPE’s ‘El Partido de las 12’ he talked about it and gave his opinion on the whole situation. “Play-acting? It’s not play-acting, it’s being smart. It’s a debate we shouldn’t be having, because that’s not the real issue. It’s all too easy to label people.” It is also wise to go betting online at and win some money.

His colleague Neymar is also being accused of diving. However, Busquets holds him in high regard. “We’ve been surprised by how quickly he’s adapted, because it wasn’t easy, bearing in mind his age and it’s a new country and a different playing philosophy,” Busquets said. “He’s just a normal person; he’s very shy and quiet. But he’s a great guy. He mostly hangs out with the other Brazilians, but gets on really well with everyone.”

The importance of Sergio Busquets

Most people remember Busquets for his diving antics in the semifinal Champions League tie against Inter in 2011. What he did was wrong and nobody denies that. However, many people seem to disregard how talented he really is as far as football is concerned. Many people don’t want to see how important Busquets is for Barcelona from a technical point of view. Practically, Pep Guardiola created Sergio Busquets. Guardiola coached Busquets in Barcelona B, and when Pep got a promotion to manage the A team, he took Busquets with him. Ever since he played his first game for the A team, he cemented his place in the starting eleven — even pushing out Yaya Toure, who is an extraordinary player.

There were many who claimed that Yaya Toure should be starting instead of Busquets, but that wasn’t the case with Guardiola. What makes Busquets the perfect DM for Barcelona is his positional intelligence. That is his strongest skill. In simple terms, he knows where the ball will go and he places himself there. Therefore, when soccer betting (click here) at Top Bet is concerned, that means that this Sergio is a sure bet. That leads to him having a lot of interceptions when the opposing team attacks, and of course a lot of passes with the player on his own team. Sometimes when Xavi is well covered, Busquets ends the game with more passes that Xavi, which isn’t something that happens very often these days.

After Yaya Toure left, Keita was the backup plan, but then Keita left as well. Then, Barcelona bought Alex Song from Arsenal to simply have a player who could play at the DM position to cover for Busquets. Of course, Busquets is the perfect DM for Barca, but Busquets has been doing a great job since he arrived. He adapted well and his career looks bright, although he will never be the first choice when choosing the starting eleven in big games.

Barcelona crush Valencia

It seems that Barcelona is back. They’ve been playing badly (for their standards) for weeks, but tonight’s game showed that the crisis is over. The literally crushed Valencia 5:1, with Messi scoring 4 goals and Xavi adding one. Guardiola rolled out with his best available lineup of Valdes, Montoya, Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Iniesta, Busquets, Fabregas, Alexis, Messi and Pedro. Alves was unavailable because of a suspension. All players were great, but especially Messi, Iniesta and Alexis.

Sergio Busquets played his classic role, but obviously got the permission to match on forward. He made a wonderful assist for one of Messi’s goals, and had a great chance with a strong shot on goal, but Diego Alves was brilliant for Valencia tonight.

Barca 7 points behind Madrid

The weekend behind us was very painful for Barcelona. They drew 0:0 against Villareal away and increased the gap between them and Real Madrid to 7 points. Many people are saying that the tournament is over, although Barca players and coaches don’t agree. The game against Villareal proved that Barcelona players are very tired. They simply didn’t have the legs to win. Being hit by injuries, before the match Josep Guardiola had only 11 fit first team players! Many B players joined the first team (the bench). The first team players who featured in the opening lineup were obviously tired and just couldn’t play on the same level as they are well rested.

Sergio Busquets played the whole game and was superb. He played a slightly more attacking role, as he was placed besides Xavi in the midfield, while Mascherano played as DM.

Barca hammer Malaga

Many have doubted that Barca can dominate Malaga as much as they did. With Real Madrid leading the Primera table with a 5 point lead, Barcelona simply had to secure a win. However, Andalusians weren’t going to let them win so easily. The match started slowly, but as Barcelona started to play their game, it was over. Messi scored a hattrick, with Alexis Sanchez adding one.

Sergio Busquets played the whole game and played wonderfully. In the absence of Xavi, he tool total control of ball distribution and one very well.

Busquets brilliant as Barcelona trash Madrid

Although many say that Copy del Rey is the least important of all trophies both teams are fighting for, it is still a title and no team will give it away. The first quarterfinal tie was El Clasico — the clash of titans, FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid. The first game was played in Madrid and Barcelona trashed Madrid 1:2 which gives them a huge advantage. On top of the positive result, Barcelona dominated the match and dictated the tempo, with Real Madrid having only 30% of the ball during the whole game.

Sergio Busquets was in the first team, of course, and had a brilliant display. Many websites named him as the man of the match, and rightfully so. His passing was amazing, his distribution was top notch and he even scored a goal, but his header went wide.